Saturday, 5 August 2017

Printemps en France

I spent a spontaneous spring in France and a little bit of Belgium this year.
There was a somewhat karmic plane ticket that was purchased by my Dad as a throwaway from a flight to Greece last summer. I wasn't planning to go but at the last minute I felt the chaos of the universe moving through my body and before my body could catch up with the flow of life I found myself on a plane to Paris.
I must say it was spontaneous, and since it was so I was at a loss for where to stay in Paris. I ended up at the ISKCON temple in Sarcelles.
It was a riveting experience which I admit I am still processing
And I will just say that I wound up out of it grateful to be exactly who I am, and grateful for life, and my life. Grateful to be.
Apres ca, je suis visité ma tante Cecile et son partenaire Ray à Normandie, dans la paysage. Avec leurs deux chats.
Woven into a journey through the refugee camps in Calais, camps where I volunteered in a community kitchen, camps that were burned to ashes two weeks after I stepped foot in them.
Found sanctuary in friends and beautiful wooden apartments with square skylight windows and city gardens in Belgium.
Found cleansing and healing and discipline in a Sivananda ashram in the Loire valley, found sacred places with ancient ties to Jeanne D'arc in Orleans.
Through a journey south, into a healing sanctuary for lost damaged beings such as I who wish to put their hands into the earth and into contributing to something good and beautiful. Rana became a dear sister to me as I worked with her on her land where she is creating art and healing space and growing vegetables and herbs.
Deeper into the Pyrenees I traveled shortly to feel deeply the high altitude and fresh cool air. Blessed with a quiet home-stay in the high mountain ranges. Pulled in different directions I felt but settled and satisfied.
Then home pulled and was planned,
And back to my West Coast nest of trees and seas I find myself, trying to cultivate life and healthy routine once again. What a whirlwind.
Thank you life for all the blessings and lessons and twists and turns. I promise I will be good to you and give back.
thank you thank you thank you
(Some moments of this life, it becomes very apparent that life is actually a dream. this episode was a clear vision of that.)

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