Wednesday, 7 June 2017


i'd thought i'd open my heart
completely this time
to the gust of love
carried through the wind
through my body
i thought i'd rip apart
the chains
that keep me locked
only to love myself
and the holy earth.
i would have liked to offer
those chains
to earth herself,
to she who lies behind the vines
wrapped around my thighs
preventing me from flying.
"i am keeping you safe"
she whispers,
but will we not always be safe
when carried by love?
for then it is not only
earthly forces
that hold us,
but those, too, from above?
the angels say yes
the stars say of course
but to feel them with us
our faith must not waver -
a heart to heaven
is a brave one
and is never just one.

to have that faith
in another
heavenly body
a star,
that the fire between you
will light the way through the dark,
yet a fire always dims, never lasts.
even to hold torch to torch
for a moment
burns brighter
than not at all.

you know you can dive,
next time,
and you will be carried
by your wings.
we, above, will hold you.

"no one is around
but we will always love you."

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