Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Spiti Valley (Northern India) and Skopelos (Greece). Photos loaded mixed together when they uploaded, and this is the order they came out in. :)

Παναγία (pannagia - Mary's name day) dinner at my nouna's (godmother's) house. 

 Ash and I in Spiti.

 dad + heaps of Greek food
 fig and grape harvest
 Papou, path to beach.
 Ash, side of mountain surrounding Tabo, Spiti

 street cats of Glossa, Skopelos

 Sunita Didi, Ash, Tabo


Gue Monastery

 anarchy in the village

 Aphrodite, my cuddle buddy

 caves, mountain

 dad + ouzo
 woman + River
 trunk faces

 sia - wild rose

legs crossed? 

 sica leaf
faces in the mountain

greek mountain tea (sage)

 Yiaya: fig-drying preparation
 outrage in athens
 sleeping spot, Sumoong
 figs drying

 granny panties
 sica in the rain
 faces in the rock, nako to sumoong

trek to summing
 ancient greek scripts




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