Sunday, 17 January 2016


December 2015.

Heart of India

Just a teaser of a month in this beautiful, mystical land. Pictures speak louder than words; feel with your eyes. More to come. 

Family peeling potatoes for curry, Udupi.
Neer Dosa fail.
Making Brahmi Chutney

Sree Krishna Temple, Udupi.


Tulsi Protector.


A man and his cow.

Shringeri Temple.

Agumbe Waterfalls

Hampi feat. Huey

Sanaj & Hossein, Hampi

Teaching Rishi how to swim, Hampi

Nagpur family.
Varanasi dogs.

I found it almost impossible to capture with my lens the feeling of this ancient holy city. Each moment that shook me, each riveting encounter that I had, was not by any means a situation in which it would be appropriate to photograph... the most profound moments were those that found me without camera, without phone, without ego in my most raw and bare self, engrossed in the spirit of Kashi. I was left with no choice but to absorb each vibrant moment with my naked eye, an experience that channeled the sacred vibration of Varanasi directly into my nervous system, into my body, into my heart.

I tried to capture some of it, though. There its is.


Buddha Smile School, Sarnath.

Neta and myself with schoolchildren from Buddha Smile School.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures sweetie! Love Mum xo